Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No blog is complete without Dax.

These two renders are both from the Victorian House. The first is from the dining room. The pictures play into the back-story I wrote up quickly for the house and one of them is actually a photoshopped rendition of a classmate of mine.

The second render is from the main hallway when you first enter the house. I liked this shot because of the cabinet in the foreground and the perspective made from the hallway walls. Aside from that, I liked how the textures turned out.. not crazy about the lighting though.. oh well. I'm a modeler, so thats just icing to me.

On another note, if there is anyone reading this wanting to get in contact with me, feel free to email me. I will be out of town and away from a computer from the second untill the ninth of May. Dominican Republic!!!
This is the Victorian House I modeled for my demo reel. Unfortunately, this doesn't include the nice flashes followed by full renders like the DVD does, its just the occlusion pass. I got so fed up with rendering that I caved and just went with this instead. This was actually an on-going project that I started as an assignment in first semester. I liked it so much, that I developed a back story to it and the basement soon followed. It takes after a Resident Evil-like story line.

These are the two tunnel (or basement) environments. They had to be broken into two clips for several reason mainly to do with rendering but in the end I found a few ways around any problems that arose. This was also a good chance to try some varied modeling in Maya. I was able to make the Lab almost entirely out of NURBS and a few things out of SubD's.

Wow... it has been a while. The final semester of Seneca College's Animation Program is over and I'm done school now. For good! (i hope). Anyway, heres where all my time went for the past half a year:

Below are the concept drawings for the Victorian House I used on my demo reel as well as some concepts for the basement (Tunnel).

So, some of these are the actual designs of the elements used in the finals and some are just really rough designs that were done very early on and never made it to completion. You know how it goes no doubt..