Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick Flip Book Animation

I did a quick little piece of animation based off of a few characters from the Excel commercial. Its just something quick and simple that I created for someone special in my life right now and I'm hopefully going to turn the frames into an actual flip book that they can have. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Demo Reel 2009

I'ts finally done! After a few months, all of the renderings finished, the video editings complete and all of the videos are on youtube as well as being DVD ready.
In order, we have:
The actual demo reel, which showcases the better pieces of my demo reel

My new 3-D demo reel, which focuses on just the 3-D aspects of my reel

The 2-D portion of my reel, which consists of Dex Hamilton Layouts as well as some older layouts.

*PLEASE NOTE* The Dex Hamilton Layouts on this demo reel as well as any others on my blog were never actually used for the show. They are new clean versions from the original roughs I took home with me at the end of my contract.