Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ship renderings, ROM drawings, body worlds drawings and a quick idea

From top to bottom, we have a classicaly rendered drawing of a ship I designed for another 2D layout I'm working on. No computers were used in the creation of this drawing and render aside from scanning and cropping the image. There were no rulers either surprisingly enough.

Next is a flop of the old-school render; it was drawn traditionally and then scanned and painted in photoshop. Its a fairly rough design and its nothing too creative, just a quick first rough pass.

Onto more realistic things. This next drawing is a rough ink drawing of a large Buddha at the ROM as well as two other designs of Egyptian Re-Animators (based upon the imagery presented by the band Nile's "The Essential Salts")

And finally, onto the Body Worlds drawings: from top to bottom we have the archer (the same one seen in some ads for Body Worlds). I did this as one large drawing on 14X17 and brought it into photoshop to better seperate the muscle groups from the tendons/ligaments. After that, is a gesture of the same piece (Body Worlds seemed more like works of art rather than anatomical presentations) and then two other drawings of a man that had skin still on it (a rarity at this event) and a woman holding a ball from a trapeze poll.

This is a sketch I did to better illustrate my thoughts on Nile's song "The Essential Salts". It depicts three Necromancers of Giza as part of the cult of re-animators over a body ready to be brought back to life. The hood ornaments are based upon Egyptian Gods and are in half skeletal and flesh form. The garb is completely made up and the entire image is very loosely based upon Egyptian drawings and folklore.

Thoughts - Rough painting idea for State of Mind

This is a rather rough drawing I did for Dan Warry-Smith from the band State of Mind. I actually completed it during one of their live shows at Lee's Palace about a month ago, but never got around to scanning it. More on the way