Tuesday, October 29, 2013

7 of 9

Started a new maya project.
Making a 7 of 9 bust (insert as many jokes as you want, whatever)
Heres the Maya file after about a days time.

Update (November 1st):
onto ZBrush

UPDATE (November11th):
been busy

UPDATE (November 18th):
last week was pretty damn busy. Redid some of 7, adjustments, shaders, textures etc
She's starting to look alot more like Jeri Ryan as opposed to just some weird face.
More to come

further updates over the hour

UPDATE (November 19th):
All of the ZBrush work is done. I'm bringing her back over to Maya so I can give her hair, eyebrows and eye lashes

UPDATE (November 21):

Working on her hair in Maya. Still got a long way to go

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I suppose I should post this here too.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Makin' weapons for time travelers.
Looper Blunderbuss
Initial Maya model, maybe about 5 hours or so spent on it so far.

Building it according to a few ref images including:

ZBrush work and textures coming later.

UPDATE (10/16/2013): the sculpting process is done (for now, as I'm sure I missed some spots)
Messed around with some quick renders, shaders and lighting

UPDATE (10/22/2013): painting along while fixing other issues

UPDATE (10/24/2013): painting and sculpting are done. Moving back to Maya
to render everything out once spec maps and disp maps are done

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd I'm done with this. Moving on