Friday, August 31, 2012

Super quick Quark modeling update

I'm working on a sculpt of Rom's brrrrrrrrother, Quark (from Star Trek: DS9)
I plan on sculpting/texturing him, then rigging and I might do a little animation with it too, if I have time.
This is a very early model of the bust.

UPDATE: reworked the head so I could bring it into Zbrush and begin sculpting. Heres the result so far, its very preliminary

UPDATE UPDATE: almost completely done normal mapping. no textures yet, but heres a shiny Maya render with lights n everything

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: more renders, with textures and I'm beginning to muck around with Sub-surface blaaaaaaaahhhh

just textured, not quite finished with the skin texture

with sub-surface-scattering, same text's

skin text, S(3), better lighting/reflections and look at dem eyes

UPDATE X 4: added some mouth stuff, fixed colour/normal textures, gave him eye-lashes and comped a SSS render with a diffuse pass