Monday, January 7, 2008

Fruit Bowl and Spooky Hallway

both of these are rendering assignments from first semester in Maya.
The first is our mid-term assignment; the fruit bowl

and the 2nd is of the spooky hallway:

all the textures/bump maps were done in photoshop and the lighting/shadows were all done in Maya. the geometry for each assignment was the only thing given to us


JU-MONJIE said...

wo wo wo ~~~!!! hei you finally update your blog. nice, maya takes away time.....those projects remind me the hell time with maya. well, school almost done~!!!! keep it up man, wanna c more.

Thomas A said...

Hey, school's almost over, post ur 100gig demo reel here! good job!

Augusto Quijano Vázquez said...

Post your new stuff!!!