Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Layouts and a Bust for a friend

First up, a few new layouts I recently completed as part of another possible ongoing 3-D layout.

This first image was the first concept I thought up and I used one of the ships as a quick photoshop paint test. This is the final composition with more humanoid characters.

The second layout consists of an alien protagonist as well as other humanoid and alien antagonists. The beings attacking both the human and alien Protagonist is meant to be parasitic. In this case, the humans and the aliens are both fighting off the parasite that attacks, infects and takes control of the host body.

Up next are a few shots of a bust of the 90's cartoon Batman I did for a friend. It was sculpted out of wire, aluminum foil and Super Sculpy.

Then, it was baked, sanded down and finally painted.

I guess for legal reasons I should state that I obviously don't own any rights to Batman, nor do I plan on making any money on this, its a bloody birthday present. Some fat-cats in the US own all that stuff

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