Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fleet expansion, a picture for Opeth and Human Cordiceps

For the past few days, I have been doing some conference work at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Its terribly boring work for the most part, but it gave me plenty of drawing/seeping time.

Here are some designs for a previous alien race's fleet. I included the roughs which have some explanation of what the designs include. I'm not an astrophysicist by any means, so these diagrams may mean absolute bub-kiss. Then again, who knows

Onto the more obscure; I started this drawing quite a while ago and finally sat down to fully render the whole page. It didnt turn out quite as well as I'd hoped after it was scanned. Still looks good on paper.

Note: I really fudged the design for the 'Opeth' insignia.

Lastly, an idea ive been muddling around; human cordiceps. In an episode of the BBC series 'Planet Earth' (or as called in America, 'Oprah Winfrey Presents: Life') they take a journey to the Amazon Rainforest. In it, there exists a kind of fungus known by the genus cordiceps. Basically, they are a kind of fungus that attack insects, rendering them under the fungus' spores control. The zombified insect then acts rather peculiarly untill it reaches its destined goal, now assigned by the fungal spores. Once there, it shuts down and a new fungal growth sprouts from the insects body.

Awsome, morbid stuff.

One really neat thing to note is that it attacks very specific types of insects, and there is a different cordicep for each species. Some ants will even carry off the infected to a remote area once symptoms of the cordiceps have been detected to avoid the entire colony becoming infected.

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