Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tattoo Design

A friend recently approached me to create a tattoo design based off a Romulan Valdore-Class Bird of Prey from the Star Trek TNG movie: Nemesis. I was originally going to do the whole thing traditionally and just do some minor changes in photoshit, but I decided to do all the painting digitally instead; its slightly easier, even if my computer loses plenty of respect from the workload.

Turned out pretty well, although I would like to do a traditional marker render of it. For obvious reasons I guess I should state that I don't own any rights to the design, all I did was just change the angle of some of the designs found online, did my own line-art and coloured it.

Update: My computer DID infact crash on me last week; the HD stopped engaging. I've sinse had a new one installed, along with the OS and all the programs I need for now. I'm continuing to render the Roboball before I do much else system wise. I may be able to recover the files that were on the old HD, although there may be a large price attached to that.

2nd Update: Did a final Classic Render for the friend who 'commissioned' this piece to me.
Here it is

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